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Marrakech, the Red City

``There are certain places on the surface of the earth that possess more magic than others, and one of those places is Marrakech.``

Marrakech; the Red City and the Pearl of the South.

The second oldest Medina in the Kingdom of Morocco; Marrakech, is more than 1000 years old and still has remnants of its ancient past visible today; a vibrant trading post at the crossroads of civilizations; salt being the most traded commodity. Camel trains travelled from faraway Timbuktu with cloth, spices, minerals, gold and slaves to trade for the precious salt that is still mined today.

From the Almoravids to the Alaouite, 5 dynasties since 1062 have come and gone, each leaving their mark on the city. Palm groves, gardens and fountains still flourish from the precious gift of water brought by the Almoravids. In the 12th century the Almohads sacked the city leaving only the Qubba and parts of the walls and gates. The Koutoubia Mosque is their greatest legacy along with 19 km of city walls, many gates, mosques and schools. The Merinids followed by the Saadians and finally the currently ruling Alaouite dynasty, each leaving their mark.

Today there are exceptional monuments still remaining and many are open to visit. Green spaces, garden and parks are loving renovated and maintained to continue the legacy of water.

Marrakech is a vibrant, mystical, colourful and noisy blend of cultures, crafts, art, music and entertainment. Its soul runs deep and many who visit end up returning.

At its heart is Djemaa el Fna square; a UNESCO heritage site at the crossroads of the souks. At night this place becomes a throbbing hub of outdoor food traders, music, entertainment and storytelling. The age old snake charmers are still there along with the not so good things like monkeys and bad quality henna, people are trying to make a living by whatever means they are able, so choose wisely when shopping.

Artisans are abundant and craft work is amazing, from wood, metal, leather, woven silks, rugs, and any number of recyclables. Choose from the best fresh food, fruits, spices and great street food as well as any number of restaurants, cafes and patisseries.

Marrakech is near the foothills of the High Atlas and is perfectly located to provide you with many day trip options to visit waterfalls, river valleys, mountain valleys, Berber Villages, local souks, beaches and coastal medinas. Activities include quad biking, horse riding, camel rides and mule rides and enjoying hikes and treks. It is also a great central location and jumping off point for tours and excursions further afield and to the great Sahara Desert.

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